Structured feedback report for syllabus design and Review 2017-18

Teacher Feedback Form

Sr. No. Question Feedback
1 Do you feel that the syllabus is defined in a way to clarify your teaching goals and what you expect your students to learn?
2 Is your syllabus sufficient to bridge the gap between industry standards/current global scenarios and academics?
3 Is the timely coverage of syllabus possible in the mentioned number of hours?
4 Sufficient reference material and books are available for the topics mentioned in the syllabus?
5 The evaluation methods mentioned in the syllabus are sufficient for providing proper assessment?
6 Syllabus is
7 Learning value (in terms of skills, concepts, knowledge, analytical abilities or broadening perspectives)
8 Applicability/relevance to real life situations
9 Depth of the course content
10 Extent of the coverage of course
11 Relevance/learning value of project/report
12 Overall Rating