Structured feedback report for syllabus design and Review 2017-18

Parent Feedback Form

Sr. No. Question Feedback
1 Do you think that the curriculum took your child’s academic and professional needs into account ?
2 Did the syllabus contain a statement of objectives?
3 If yes, could you understand the objectives in terms of their learning outcomes ?
4 Has your child complained about any aspect of the syllabus while doing the course?
5 Have you felt that the topics in the syllabus were too limited/vast?
6 Do you feel that the contents of the syllabus matched your child’s academic interest/aptitude?
7 Do you think that the syllabus needs revision?
8 Do you think that the curriculum would provide job opportunities to your child?
9 Did the syllabus encourage your child to go beyond it, to consult people/other resourcess
10 Do You think Syllabus incorporates value education system which is important aspect while studying technical concepts which will benefit the students for their
11 Overall Rating